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Flash Storage Solutions for Server Virtualization

Nimble Storage’s robust integration with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux virtualization helps you virtualize critical applications without having to worry about performance, scalability, or availability. Nimble Storage’s CASL™ architecture has been designed from the ground up to meet the demands of random I/O proliferation prevalent in virtual environments.

Nimble Storage delivers these benefits for server virtualization:

  • Price/ Performance: Flash-optimized hybrid storage, inline compression, high-capacity disk, and zero-copy cloning deliver capacity reductions of up to 75 percent
  • Seamless Scaling: Easily scale performance and capacity independently without downtime to meet the demands of growing workloads
  • Business Continuity: High availability and efficient data protection minimize downtime during both local failures and larger site-wide disasters

Server Virtualization Solutions with Microsoft and VMware

Nimble Storage server virtualization solutions are deeply integrated with Microsoft and VMware. Learn more:

Server Virtualization Solutions for Linux

Learn more about Nimble Storage server virtualization solutions for Linux:

"We were seeing incredible performance with the Nimble arrays: We pushed them to their max with all that our servers could deliver and they never broke a sweat. We even 'vStorage Motioned' production databases onto it while running intense tests and actually saw a performance gain on those applications." Benjamin Craig
SVP Chief Technology Officer, Northrim Bank

Key Benefits

  • Cost-effectively deploy server virtualization
  • Flexibly scale performance and capacity without downtime
  • Rapidly establish affordable and reliable business continuity